Thermal imaging and night vision

Accurate motion detection and clear images in any conditions

Thermal and infra-red CCTV

Thermal imaging CCTV

An image from a thermal CCTV cameraConventional CCTV cameras rely on captured light to provide an image, if the light available to a camera is affected or obscured, a conventional camera can struggle to provide useful images. Obstructions such as smoke or fog, foliage and bright lights shone directly into cameras make it difficult to track movement during these conditions.

Thermal cameras record heat energy and display the subtle differences in heat from different areas as recognisable images. The images are less affected by partial obstruction and provide additional valuable information to accompany standard images.

Thermal cameras alone however do not provide a detailed image like conventional CCTV cameras provide in normal conditions. This makes them ideally suited as additional support to a conventional camera system.

Video from Axis displaying their thermal imaging technology

Video from 360 Vision showing thermal CCTV in operation

Night vision CCTV

An image from an infra-red CCTV cameraAll about night vision