Community Safety Camera

Post mounted rapid deployable high definition CCTV camera

The DSW community safety camera is a rapid deployable CCTV camera that is fully self contained.

The Community Safety Camera has been designed to be fast and easy to install and use whilst providing the ultimate 24/7 anti social behaviour deterrent.

It is ideal for use in anti-social behaviour hot-spots or to cover community CCTV blind spots.

  • On board high definition recording
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate casing
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Plug and go rapid deployment
  • 360 zoom camera
  • Secure wireless access
  • Supports smart analytic functions
  • Smart phone, tablet and BYOD ready
Rapid deployment CCTV camera with wireless communication

The Community Safety Camera is manufactured from a lightweight impact resistant polycarbonate alloy to protect it from vandalism or tampering. It's IP68 weather resistance and on board cooling system allows it to operate all year round in any weather conditions.

Once deployed the camera can be configured to view multiple locations in sequence or fixed on one location.

Wireless communication, data storage and backups support advanced encryption that can be installed as required to protect data at any level.

Mobile device support

Recordings can easily be reviewed or archived over a secure wireless connection using a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer. Since no special software is required it can be used by operators with BYOD (bring your own device) equipment.

CCTV on smart mobile devices

Beyond security - Analytics ready

Rapid deployment cameras can be used for mobile analytic and business intelligence

The community safety camera is powered by the flexible Milestone video management platform. This allows the power of Milestones analytic capabilities to be deployed anywhere. An example use of this option would be for business intelligence such as visitor counting at attractions and festivals or temporary traffic analysis.

Centralised or de-centralised

The camera can be used stand alone or as part of a network of other rapid deployment cameras. A 3G option also allows the camera to become a mobile part of a wide area static network CCTV system that is monitored and controlled centrally. An example would be a town centre CCTV system that integrates the Community Safety Camera to cover blind spots or temporary trouble hot-spots.

A rapid deployment camera as part of a wide area CCTV system

A sample image captured from the HD community safety camera

A 720 HD image captured using a rapid deployment CCTV camera
Image sensor 1/3" progressive scan CCD 1.3 megapixel
Lens 18x optical zoom. f=4.7 – 84.6 mm, F1.6 – 2.8, autofocus, automatic day/night. Horizontal angle of view: 55.2° - 3.2
Storage 1TB (Max 4TB) can be fixed to a specific number of days.
Communication Wireless b/g/n (50 meter range). WPA2 AES PSK Encryption.
Recording platform Milestone XProtect with mobile server.
Device compatibility Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32 or 64 bit). Apple iOS mobile devices. Android devices. Windows phone.
Power 230Vac ~ 110Vac 3 pin input - Max 90W
Impact rating IK10
Weatherproof rating IP68
Mounting Post clamp supplied (Wall bracket optional)
3G Internet connection for remote access
Anti-vandal post spikes
Encrypted laptop for communication
Additional storage (Max 4TB)
Analytic packages Cross line detection, people or vehicle counting, vehicle directional analysis, retail footfall analysis, crowd detection.