CCTV maintenance and servicing

Cost effective annual maintenance without contracts

CCTV maintenance and servicing from DSW

Proper maintenance is important to ensure CCTV systems continue to perform successfully through their lifespan and is a requirement for many businesses.

We provide scheduled maintenance for every CCTV system we install. We also offer maintenance and servicing for existing CCTV systems. We can take over regular maintenance schedules from your existing provider and often at a more competitive rate. Many of our customers save as much as 50% compared to their existing service provider.

If your CCTV system is starting to degrade and the picture quality has reduced over time we offer a comprehensive service package to help. We can clean and service all of your cameras, replace damaged or faulty cables and power supplies and restore images to their original quality in many cases.

We never ask our customers to sign an extended maintenance contract and will always contact you when your maintenance is due, prior to commencing work.

  • No contracts to sign
  • 6 or 12 monthly visits
  • DVR fully cleaned and serviced
  • DVR hard drive tested for bad sectors
  • DVR settings checked and optimised
  • Untidy cabling organised
  • Connectors replaced if necessary
  • All cameras tested and cleaned
  • Power supplies checked and serviced
  • Any additional costs provided up front