High definition network CCTV

HD IP CCTV is next generation CCTV capable of delivering stunning images with exceptional levels of clarity and detail.

High definition CCTV delivers more detail

Network video (IP) technology means next generation CCTV systems can perform better than ever. Higher resolution cameras can capture more detail over larger areas. A single high definition (HD) network camera can be used to replace several standard resolution cameras.

High definition CCTV from DSW

DSW is a leading specialist network CCTV installer.

  • Our work is focused exclusively on CCTV and network video.
  • We use the latest mega-pixel IP CCTV cameras and digital technology.
  • We work in partnership with the industry's leading network CCTV brands.
  • We can help you plan, design and install complete digital IP and HD CCTV systems.
  • We can provide upgrades to existing systems, using hybrid technology.
  • We can offer information, training and demonstrations either at your premises or at our offices.

Our skilled team of network and electrical engineers will work with you to find the right solution.

The benefits of high definition CCTV

The image below was captured by 2 CCTV cameras mounted side by side. The first is a mega-pixel CCTV camera and the second is a standard resolution CCTV camera. The improved resolution of the high definition camera means that the detail of the vehicle number plate is clearly visible when the image is enlarged after it was recorded.

The benefit of this is that the high definition camera can be set back covering a larger area where as the standard resolution camera clearly needs to be closer to capture any useful detail.

High definition CCTV camera comparison