Fibre optic CCTV networks

Reliable, high bandwidth network connections over long distances.

Fibre optic network CCTV systems

Fibre optics are the backbone for millions of networks accross the globe. A fibre optic network enables large quantities of data to be sent over great distances without interference.

As network CCTV evolves IP cameras demand greater bandwidth and faster network speeds to deliver higher image resolutions and more intelligent features.

By bringing the power and reliability of fibre optics together with the innovations of network CCTV, fibre optic CCTV networks deliver better performance, clearer pictures and better image analysis than previously possible.

The benefits of fibre optic CCTV systems

  • Long distances between devices
  • Resistant to interference
  • Fast cost effective installation
  • Support for large numbers of cameras
  • Easily add redundancy for future infrastructure
  • High bandwidth connections
  • Low latency for operator control

Certified fibre optic CCTV networks from DSW

DSW provide planning, installation and certification of fibre optic networks for IP CCTV systems. Our experience with CCTV ensures we can correctly advise clients on the best network infrastructure to install.

Certified fibre optic CCTV networks