Covert and temporary CCTV

Easy to use stand alone cameras for every requirement

Covert and temporary systems for retail and business

Covert CCTV systems

Covert systems are available for internal or external use and are small enough to be concealed in a variety of day to day objects.

Unlike other systems our covert CCTV is high definition and delivers at least double the detail of conventional covert CCTV systems.

Software to view live or recorded images is provided for your chosen device to access the system over wired or wireless connections.

covert and temporary network CCTV software

Temporary CCTV systems

Like our covert systems our temporary system have no bulky recording equipment and can be installed in any location.

All of our camera equipment is available in high definition and with vandal resistant housings allowing it to be used in a wide variety of circumstances.


Our covert or temporary CCTV systems can combine up to 16 cameras and can be installed and used quickly an easily. We offer short or long term rental agreements, professional installation and can maintain the system throughtout the rental term.

We also offer an evidence review and backup service which conforms to current data protection act guidelines.