ANPR Traffic Bollard

A traffic bollard with an integrated ANPR camera. Customised to fit into your design scheme.


Form and Function

The ANPR bollard is a high specification CCTV camera enclosed in an robust attractive bollard style housing. DSW design and manufacture the bollards from the ground up so everything can be tailored to your requirements including customisation of colour and height.

Unsightly CCTV cameras on a column

The bollard is designed to fit in with other roadside furniture such as barriers and intercom pillars. Set up is simple with rotation and tilt that can be adjusted after installation. This ensures the target zone where vehicle registrations are captured can be accurately set up. A powerful pulsing infra-red array ensures registrations are captured during the day, at night and even in bad weather conditions.

A typical application would be an automated barrier control system where a registration is read and checked against a database. The camera is available in a variety of versions and is compatible with every major number plate recognition software package available.

The ANPR bollard from DSW can be used with different types of barriers.