Products and Services

We offer a wide range of specialist CCTV and network video services.

CCTV Services

Milestone video management software specialists

Milestone network systems integration

DSW are certified Milestone professional partners. We provide CCTV system upgrades,support and integration services based around Milestones award winning network video management platform.

High definition CCTV from DSW

High Definition network IP CCTV

DSW CCTV are specialist installers of high definition HD and IP CCTV systems. Our services include complete systems, integration of HD or IP with exsting CCTV systems as well as consultations and demonstrations.

Intelligent CCTV with real time image alalysis

Intelligent CCTV Analytics

CCTV analytic features allows a CCTV system to record and interpret data as well as a picture. This can be used for production monitoring, counting, looking for specific scenarios, speed measurement and much more.

Wireless CCTV and network video

Wireless CCTV and Video Systems

Wireless CCTV and network video systems from DSW CCTV use long range wireless equipment, advanced security and professional grade equipment and are not subject to the problems associated with lesser wireless CCTV and video systems.

Fibre optic CCTV networks

Fibre optic CCTV network installation

DSW provide certified fibre optic CCTV network installation. Fibre optic CCTV networks allow superior network CCTV systems to be deployed over large areas.

Thermal imaging CCTV

Thermal Imaging and night vision

DSW can provide installation and configuration services for advanced thermal imaging CCTV cameras. Thermal imaging can provide valuable evidence in the event of environmental conditions that might otherwise obscure conventional CCTV cameras.

Number plate recognition CCTV

Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Number plate recognition is one of CCTV's toughest challenges. Often called ANPR, NPR or LPR dedicated number plate cameras can provide high levels of accuracy but require considerable skill to install correctly.

CCTV maintenance and servicing

Maintenance and Servicing

DSW offer CCTV maintenance for CCTV systems of all types. We can offer regular maintenance for systems we install or take over existing systems and our maintenance packages are always excellent value.

Network video services

Time-lapse CCTV video services

Time-lapse CCTV video

Time-lapse videos make it possible to view long periods of time in only a few minutes. DSW can install high definition time-lapse CCTV equipment that allows you to monitor long projects and produce high quality videos.

CCTV for process monitoring and machine vision

Automation and Process Monitoring

CCTV can be used for a wide range of industrial processes including counting, object recognition and machine safety. DSW have experience working with industrial control panels and industrial CCTV systems.


Rapid deployment community safety camera

Rapid Deployment Cameras

DSW manufacture a rapid deployment post mounted CCTV camera that can be quickly moved between locations to help combat anti-social behaviour. It can also be used for mobile image analytics and a variety of other functions.

Covert CCTV cameras

Covert and temporary CCTV Kits

Covert and temporary high definition network CCTV systems available for purchase or rental from DSW. Rapid deployment, self contained CCTV systems with easy to use software for review and backup.