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Temporary  CCTV  

Covert and temporary CCTV Kits

Covert and temporary high definition network CCTV systems available for purchase or rental from DSW. Rapid deployment, self contained CCTV systems with easy to use software for review and backup.
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Rapid Deployment Cameras

DSW manufacture a rapid deployment post mounted CCTV camera that can be quickly moved between locations to help combat anti-social behaviour. It can also be used for mobile image analytics and a variety of other functions.
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2011 Eisteddfod Temporary System

DSW have provided CCTV equipment and installation services for this years national Eisteddfod. The system will comprise of static cameras mixed with PTZ cameras and multiple monitoring points. The equipment will be provided on a short term lease basis.
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Hawker Beachcraft Time-lapse Project monitoring

DSW have completed production of a high definition time-lapse video for aviation specialist Hawker Beachcraft. Using ultra high resolution CCTV cameras capturing static images provided a reliable way of capturing the huge number of images required.
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Covert CCTV kit for national housing association

DSW have provided multiple high definition covert CCTV kits to a national housing association in a bid to help reduce anti-social behaviour in their communal living facilities.
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Post mounted rapid deployment cameras

DSW have supplied our new high definition rapid deployment CCTV camera called the Community Safety Camera to several local community councils in Wrexham and Flintshire.
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2013 Eisteddfod preparation is under way

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2013 Eisteddfod uses high definition network CCTV

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