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Intelligent CCTV Analytics

CCTV analytic features allows a CCTV system to record and interpret data as well as a picture. This can be used for production monitoring, counting, looking for specific scenarios, speed measurement and much more.
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Wireless CCTV and Video Systems

Wireless CCTV and network video systems from DSW CCTV use long range wireless equipment, advanced security and professional grade equipment and are not subject to the problems associated with lesser wireless CCTV and video systems.
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Bellis Brothers Garden Centre HD IP CCTV

Bellis Brothers farm shop and garden centre is leading the way in tackling shop lifters with an extensive new high definition megapixel IP CCTV system installed by DSW.
Case studyHD CCTVHigh definitionHigh resolutionIP CCTVNetwork CCTVRetailWrexham

Process monitoring network CCTV system

DSW have provided a multi site remotely controlled PTZ camera system to provide a low cost machine monitoring solution for a major national egg producer.
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Milestone server lands at Cheddar

ANPRBlogCCTV ServerHoliday parksMilestone XprotectNetwork CCTVPOEThe South West

Posts go up at Mullion Cove

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Welcome to Mullion Cove

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2013 Eisteddfod preparation is under way

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Holiday parks and leisure CCTV

CCTV, ANPR, network video and call systems for holiday parks and the leisure industry.
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Milestone network systems integration

DSW are certified Milestone professional partners. We provide CCTV system upgrades,support and integration services based around Milestones award winning network video management platform.
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Hybrid server upgrade for North West Logistics Company

Connected Security have provided a powerful Milestone hybrid recording platform powered by Intel to a major logistics company in the North West. Using hybrid technology meant that the client could gain the benefits from a Milestone system while retaining their existing cameras.
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2013 Eisteddfod uses high definition network CCTV

Case studyDenbighshireEisteddfodHigh definitionNetwork CCTVNorth WalesTemporary CCTVWalesWirelessWireless CCTV

Large milestone network CCTV system for national holiday parks

Case studyCCTV ServerCCTV SystemsHigh definitionHoliday parksMilestone XprotectNetwork CCTVPTZThe South West

How good are wireless CCTV cameras

Wireless CCTV is an attractive proposition for clean and fast installations. There are however many pitfalls that need to be considered when selecting from the different types of wireless technology.
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What is a hybrid CCTV system

A hybrid CCTV system uses a recorder than integrates network CCTV cameras and analogue CCTV cameras. This allows you to retain existing cameras when upgrading to a network system.
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High definition IP CCTV system installed at major food production facility

Connected Security have completed the initial phase of installing a high definition network CCTV system at the first of a national chain of ready meal manufacturers production facilities.
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