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Time-lapse CCTV video

Time-lapse videos make it possible to view long periods of time in only a few minutes. DSW can install high definition time-lapse CCTV equipment that allows you to monitor long projects and produce high quality videos.
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Rapid Deployment Cameras

DSW manufacture a rapid deployment post mounted CCTV camera that can be quickly moved between locations to help combat anti-social behaviour. It can also be used for mobile image analytics and a variety of other functions.
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Thermal Imaging and night vision

DSW can provide installation and configuration services for advanced thermal imaging CCTV cameras. Thermal imaging can provide valuable evidence in the event of environmental conditions that might otherwise obscure conventional CCTV cameras.
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Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Number plate recognition is one of CCTV's toughest challenges. Often called ANPR, NPR or LPR dedicated number plate cameras can provide high levels of accuracy but require considerable skill to install correctly.
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ANPR traffic bollard

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What sort of lens do I need

In order to correctly select a lens and CCTV camera a number of considerations must first be taken into account.
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