custom manufactured ANPR camera traffic bollard

Live trials of integrated ANPR system

We have just completed live trials of an ANPR system that will control site access to a new 5 star Hoseasons holiday park. The park in Cheddar, Somerset offers guests a complete five star experience. An essential part of the experience was ensuring park access was completely automated during visitors stays. DSW commissioned QRO solutions Ltd to develop a software solution that could be integrated into the Hoseasons booking system and that would provide completely automated access to the park for the duration of a guests stay on the site.

The Rapier ANPR camera is mounted in a bespoke colour matched bollard which was designed and manufactured by local engineering firm Industrial Engineering Lmiited. This ensured a discreet and consistent design in keeping with the park.

Images of vehicle registrations captured by the camera are translated and compared to the Hoseasons booking database and upon receiving a match the system opens the barrier. The authentication is automatically revoked after the booking expiries.

Working along side Rapier manufacturer MAV systems Limited, UK Barrier services Limited, QRO solutions Limited and the Prodware group, DSW were able to provide a completely integrated solution which will provide a seamless experience for the guests and a comprehensive solution for the client.


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