Offshore CCTV for RWE npower

Long range wireless IP network CCTV in harsh environment

Offshore long range wireless network CCTV system
Client: RWE Npower, Mostyn docks
Brief: Provide high definition monitoring of an offshore pontoon.

Renewable energy firm RWE npower recently enlisted the help of DSW CCTV to install a cutting edge wireless IP CCTV system on an offshore pontoon at Mostyn docks in North Wales.

The CCTV required installing at the shore side location while monitoring would take place at the site office situated nearly 1km away. The system required specialist weather resistant equipment to withstand the harsh conditions offshore. The distance and logistics involved made cabling impossible so a high spec wireless solution was necessary.

Cutting Edge Technology

The cameras selected were high definition IP CCTV cameras with extreme environment ratings. IP CCTV cameras use encrypted data so wireless transmission is achieved with high frequency wireless bridging devices. This creates a secure, reliable and far reaching wireless signal allowing real-time images to be recorded and monitored.

The high definition cameras provide extremely detailed images. Superb low light performance ensures that the images at night are of the highest quality.

DSW designed, supplied and installed a bespoke stainless steel bracket to mount the cameras and transmitters on that will withstand the harsh conditions it will be exposed to.

Advanced features

The system utilises some of the many advanced features an IP CCTV system can offer. This includes providing a secure remote connection allowing other RWE npower facilities and users to remotely access the system to monitor the cameras from another location.

CCTV installation on an offshore pontoon at Mostyn docks
Customised stainless steel post for IP network CCTV cameras
Long range wireless network CCTV cameras on an offshore pontoon
Infra-red bullet style IP network CCTV cameras
Installing an IP network CCTV camera on Mostyn docks for RWE Npower