CCTV at GRH Food Company Ltd

The challenge of CCTV installation in food production facilities

CCTV in food production facility GRH food company Ltd
Client: GRH Food company, pwllheli, North Wales
Brief: Supply and installation of a digital CCTV system to be used for security and proccess monitoring in a food production environment. The cameras must be able to withstand daily pressure washing and cold environments.

Food Production Experience

We were able to draw on years of experience installing CCTV in food production environments to work quickly, efficiently and within the boundaries set by the hygiene regulations. Our engineers have a working knowledge of food production regulations and ensure their work is carried out with due care and attention.

CCTV in a Cheese production facility

Harsh Environments

We provided a quotation that was excellent value and yet covered many aspects of the installation other companies had overlooked. For example we saw the need to select cameras that were certified to the highest waterproof standard to resist regular washing and moisture. We also timed our work to ensure we could test the equipment during normal facility operation.

CCTV in hygiene critical environments

Harsh Environments

Thanks to careful planning and experienced installers the system was installed quickly and provided excellent results. The cameras provide clear images despite the difficult environments and with long recordings and remote access the completed system was a real success.

GRH Food Production Company Ltd are specialists in cheese production and are part of a national food production chain. Their facility in Pwllheli, North Wales is a hygiene critical environment and posed a significant challenge for successful CCTV installation.

The cameras installed for quality control monitoring would be subjected to daily wash downs and constant exposure to high levels of moisture. The challenge was to install the system without disruption to the busy production facility and to provide a system that could withstand the environment and deliver consistent quality results.