Covert CCTV kit rental

Covert CCTV helps national housing association combat anti-social behaviour

Miniature HD camera for discreet surveillance
Client: UK wide housing association
Brief: Provide long term rental of high definition covert CCTV

DSW have recently provided a short term rental of a number of covert CCTV kits to a national housing association in a bid to help reduce anti-social behaviour in their communal living facilities.

Covert CCTV must adhere to more stringent legislation than conventional CCTV in order to protect the privacy of the people involved. DSW were able to provide advice and details of how to legitimately set-up and register a covert CCTV system ensuring that evidence captured can be used as part of a legal case.

The cameras are pinhole cameras capable of delivering high definition motion activated images. They can be discreetly located while allowing footage to be viewed quickly and easily using a portable device such as a laptop.

As a result of the installation the client has been able to persue a successful prosection of the primary individual at the source of the problems.