CCTV at Charles Owen & Co Ltd

32 Channel server based CCTV system improves security and production efficiency.

CCTV at Charles Owen in Wrexham
Client: Charles Owen, Equestrian accessory manufacturer
Brief: Supply and installation of a digital CCTV system with local and remote network access.

Well know equestrian manufacturer and supplier Charles Owen & Co Ltd recently enlisted the help of DSW CCTV to install a major CCTV system at their premises which will support the latest expansion in their production facilities.

The construction of a new unit at their site to house a new storage warehouse and increase production space made it necessary to install CCTV to allow them to centrally monitor the site from one location.

The challenge presented was to install a 32 channel CCTV system across a large site with a single monitoring location separate to the server.

This involved over 3000 meters of cable and some complicated camera installations using ducting and high access cable routes. A selection of internal cameras were installed to provide a good over view of production and storage areas. Externally several PTZ cameras provide a constant tour of the premises while static night vision cameras cover vulnerable entrances.

To provide recording at high quality with a smooth frame rate a specialist professional Geovision server was installed running advanced hybrid software to allow a single 32 camera monitoring point. The monitoring takes place in a separate location on a single monitor where full camera and system control is available. The system was then distributed to users on the internal network with a specific and managed permission structure allowing for monitoring in a variety of locations.

Overall the system provides thorough coverage of the site with many advanced features such as smart searching and motion tracking.

Large scale CCTV systems such as this provide companies with a reliable and low cost alternative to manned security options and can be linked to a central monitoring station for a professional 24 hour monitoring solution.

PTZ camera on a lamp post
DSW Installing a CCTV camera